Luck or skill?

Statistical analysis of all dice scores. Including number dice and event dice as well as the inofficial event dice of the German add ons – Hexen, Zauberer & Drachen and Kirche, Glaube & Reformation


Built in victory point counter for up to 6 players. Really straightforward counting and additional statistics on the longest lead in the game


Compatible with official and inofficial add ons such as „Knights and Cities”, „The Seafearers”, „Hexen, Zauberer & Drachen” (Witches, sorcerers and dragons), „Kirche, Glaube & Reformation” (Church, religion and reformation).


Never again forget the position of the attacking barbarians. With the built-in barbarians counter you will always know how far away they are from attacking the coast of Catan.


The intuitive user interface will make entries a piece of cake and the boardgame remains what it should be – the life and soul of a an enjoyable games evening


The lack of strict rules allows you to play with your own variations of the game: e.g. You define on how much victory points you are going to play and you mark the end of the game.


Wheter you have to answer a call, or you would like to check your e-mails, the statistics are saved externally so you can continue playing where you left off.


Due to the resource-saving programming your Iphone / Ipod battery will stand even long and exciting eventings with Settlers of Catan evenings.

Language genius

Localized in Englisch, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Copyright and Disclaimer

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Catan is a registered trademark of the Catan GmbH. This is not an officially licenced product of the Catan GmbH. The Catan GmbH is not responsible for this product and its content.

All graphical symbols are used with the kind permission of the publisher KOSMOS.

Hexen, Zauberer und Drachen is an inofficial add on from Katja & Reinhard Jatzke.
Kirche, Glaube und Reformation is an inofficial add on from von Jochen Steiniger.